Board of Directors
ABM Kamrul Huda Azad
CEO, B A Exchange, UK
Azad, the CEO of B A Exchange, is a dynamic, results oriented individual and has a wealth of experience in the sector, having worked at both domestic and international levels during his tenure with different banks and MTOs in Bangladesh and in the UK.

His focus is customer centric, to ensure that meeting their needs is paramount when setting up business strategies and processes to support the organizational goals. His innovative marketing with a ’Tea bag` challenge earned him huge appreciation from both customers and the Board. He is also credited as the driver to make B A Exchange the 1st Bangladeshi-bank owned company to introduce online remittance back in 2013.

He has extensive experience in negotiating with strategic partners, dealing with various regulators, banks and professionals from the setting up of the business as well as dealing with commercial and compliance matters.

He has completed various courses including FinTech from Oxford University and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business Strategy from MIT. Previously he studied in International Business & Banking at London Metropolitan University. He also has robust knowledge to carry out technical analysis of financial markets.

In parallel with his role at B A Exchange in the UK, he also manages all the overseas operations of Bank Asia Ltd, based in US, EU and other markets.

When he is not glued to his computer, he enjoys gardening, travelling. He also avails time to share knowledge in the industry by writing articles in the top Bangladeshi dailies which includes Financial Express, The Daily Star etc. He also has the opportunity to hosts Talk-shows on TV in the UK occasionally and he is an active user of Facebook both socially to share his worldviews and in promoting Bank Asia, globally.