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Our current office address is 131 Whitechapel Road (1st Floor) London E1 1DT. Due to COVID-19 we request you to please do transaction “Online” and “over the phone only”. Please contact us on 02030054845, 02030054846 or 07931654284. Thank you


Looking to transfer without having to come into our branch? We are the first to offer this service, to transfer money without the need for you to be present, ideal for when you are out and about, or need to make that emergency transfer. We offer a range of features that will make transferring money easier and quicker than you think:

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Click here and log in to your account to send money online following a simple process and pay by your debit card straighaway. What is more surprising is that you get better rate online in addition to the cost you save from not traveling!

Telephone transfers

Not near our branch and need to transfer money, not a problem. If you have transferred with us before and have all of the account details we will be able to quickly and securely check and then transfer the money to your destination. In fact we know our transfers are so fast that we don't think you can make and finish a cup of tea before the money has been transferred across.

Opening hours

Looking for your transfer to arrive on the same day and for friends and family to have access to it before the banks close in Bangladesh? With our opening time this is possible; when we open at 10 am here in the UK the time in Bangladesh is 3pm/4 pm, meaning the banks are still open for another hour. In that time we can transfer and confirm the money has been received, where your recipient can access it.* Cut the waiting time and get the money to them when it is needed most, at a time that suits you. *Due to time difference this service may not be always available, please speak to us on 02030054845/6

Text service

Want to let your friends and family know that a transfer has made it, can't call them because it is the middle of the night or don't want to call them because it is expensive? A text service is offered as standard to all our customers, letting you both know when a transfer is ready, whichever side of the world you are on. Sent during the day in either time zones means the texts will be read at a time to suit you both. No more need for expensive phone calls or waking people up in the middle of the night.


Located in the heart of a community is the best place for any business, but especially good for customers. Our branch is located opposite the East London Mosque, easily located for customers to come in after prayers. With our friendly staff, multiple desks, and excellent facilities; taking care of our customers is our top priority. Interested in these features and think you want to experience a quality transfer service that works around you? Contact us today or come into our branch and see how we are with you both at home and abroad.*Due to time difference, this service may not be always available, please speak to us on 02030054845-6 or 07950814675 for availability.


Travelling to Bangladesh regularly, or simply want to access money whilst on holiday? With Bank Asia as the owner of BA Exchange we are able to work with each of our customers to set up facilities for banking and savings, accessible in the UK and abroad. Set up savings accounts and manage them through B A Exchange, no long and expensive phone calls, just simple and effective service, all from the comfort of your own home. Going to Bangladesh and need access to your money? Receive all the details in the UK before you travel, transferring what you need directly to the accounts. Manage your money in the local currency and receive the same service and attention you will come to expect from Bank Asia. Looking to set this up, contact us today by phone or email, or visit us at our branch here.

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