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B A Exchange Company (UK) Ltd is a money transfer service, fully owned by Bank Asia Limited, located in the busy area of Whitechapel just opposite of the East London Mosque, providing safe and secure transfer services to the community all over the UK since 2011. These services are accessible online, over the phone or in branch. As part of the greater strategy of Bank Asia to provide support to Bangladeshi expatriates living and working in the UK, B A Exchange provides a conduit for fast and reliable transfer services from the UK to Bangladesh. Our network across Bangladesh allows BA Exchange to access all Bank Asia's branches, agents along with branches with all other banks nationwide. Combining this with our level of customer service has created a focused service, delivering high quality care to all our customers. With this first branch in the UK Bank Asia is now with you both at home and abroad.

About Bank Asia

Bank Asia is a national operation that aims to serve people with modern and innovative banking products in Bangladesh. A bank with a vision for a better tomorrow has always encouraged the uptake and use of new technologies within banking in Bangladesh, with the introduction of ATM, telephone banking, SMS, and online banking. Each advancement has been with the customer in mind, delivering them greater accessibility and service for their banking needs. With Bank Asia at the helm the vision is to innovate the transfer market, not only in technology terms, but also in customer service and care. It has been felt that the innovation and leadership of the entrepreneurs that launched Bank Asia can be brought to the UK and serve the Bangladeshi community within London. To find out more about how these innovations and customer experiences have grown in Bangladesh visit Bank Asia here.


When it comes to your money, trust and security are an important fact. We are part of a bank, following strict guidelines when it comes to getting your money to the right people.


Transfer with confidence and at a time and place that suits you 24/7 online or over the phone and at branch from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

  • Why choose B A Exchange?

    Transferring money can be a difficult and worrying task for many, unsure of whether the money has reached the destination, and whether the rate that you are getting is worth while. By choosing BA Exchange you are joining the larger Bank Asia Network of branches and agents, with a promise of excellent service, reliable transfers, and fast delivery. So how do we achieve all of this, firstly our priority is our customer, first and foremost. Second comes our service and commitment to honouring every transfer made, getting it to the right place, on time, and to the right people.

  • Bank backing

    The backing of a bank is rare for transferring companies, but we feel it is the safest place to be, with the trust built and insurance of a professional and guaranteed service. Want to know more BA Exchange Company UK Limited

  • Free meet & greet at Dhaka Airport!

    How would you like the idea of being greeted at Dhaka airport with a warm and welcoming smile? Dealing with luggage, transfers, and navigating the airport can be quite stressful, especially after a long-haul journey from the UK to Bangladesh.

    Fortunately, our meet and greet service is specifically designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience at the airport. As soon as you arrive, our friendly and professional representative will be eagerly waiting for you at the designated meeting point, holding a personalized signboard. They will assist you with your luggage, guide you through the baggage claim area, and ensure a smooth transition to your transportation.

    To enjoy this convenient service completely free of charge before your next flight to Bangladesh, simply reach out to our helpful helpdesk at 02030054845 or 02030054846. Please note that eligibility criteria do apply.

    Say goodbye to airport stress and let us make your arrival in Bangladesh a memorable and pleasant experience with our meet and greet service.

    *Eligibility criteria apply

  • Free Pre-paid debit card!

    Traveling to Bangladesh without a local bank account can be a hassle, especially when your UK bank charges you fees for international transactions. On top of that, the exchange rates offered by high street banks are significantly less favourable. In the past, individuals without a bank account in Bangladesh had to find alternative methods to send money for example making transaction to a family member or an over-the-counter transaction to themselves, resulting in time-consuming visits to the bank and the risk of carrying cash.

    To simplify your experience, we have introduced a solution: our free pre-paid debit card. Before your trip, simply load your card with Bangladeshi Taka, and upon your arrival in Bangladesh, you can use it immediately for various purposes. Whether you need to buy a coffee, make purchases, or withdraw cash, our debit card puts everything under your control, eliminating the need for cumbersome bank visits or the risks associated with carrying large amounts of cash.

    If you would like to learn more about our free pre-paid debit card and its benefits, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service desk. You can contact us at 0203 005 4845, 0203 005 4846, or 07931654284.

    Make your trip to Bangladesh more convenient and worry-free with our pre-paid debit card.

  • Customer service

    Whether online, over the phone or in branch you will experience the service of our highly dedicated and polite staff who speak in your own language, they will guide you through the entire set up and transfer process. Come in and relax with a cup of tea, and we will make sure your transfers are complete there and then. Online or over the phone from anywhere within the UK and we are pioneering this level of service, putting customers first when it comes to convenience.

  • Transfer commitment

    Transfer commitment Unique to us in the Whitechapel area is our opening times, we open at 10 am so that your money can reach Bangladesh instantly*, find out more about our early bird opening times here. The benefits of choosing this service will be the commitment to making sure the transfers are processed in that time and reach their destination. Other transfers and time will make sure they are there in 24 working hours. *Due to time difference this service may not be always available, please speak to us on 02030054845, 02030054846

  • Instant Cash

    Same day/Next day Instant cash service from all the Branches of Bank Asia and agent outlets (same day service is subject to availability due to time difference) Next day instant cash service from BURO Agents. There is no extra cost !

  • Bank Transfer

    Transfer to anywhere and any bank in Bangladesh within 24 working hours ​

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