Using an established bank is always better than entrusting your money with a third party that cannot be traced, especially when this is to your family and friends back home. With B A Exchange this safety and security is built in, with Bank Asia a name you can trust. Secure transfers are made from our site to either a Bank Asia branch, or a bank of your choice, with proofs of transfers and confirmations a part of our service to you. Ensure that your money reaches the right destination. B A Exchange works with a number of different banks in country so that customers have the greatest choice when it comes to accessing their money, and for friends and family to receive the gifts you send. Deposits can be made right into these accounts, protecting your cash and making sure it gets to the right person, and is not intercepted. To set up a transfer today contact us by telephone; or in person at our convenient London Branch found here, opposite the East London Mosque.