Q: Who is the owner of B A Exchange?

Ans: Bank Asia Ltd is the 100% owner of B A Exchange.

Q: Does Bank Asia guarantee the remittance through B A Exchange? 

Ans: Yes, Bank Asia is fully responsible for the remittance through B A Exchange.

Q: Is B A Exchange FCA registered? 

Ans: Yes, B A Exchange is FCA registered as SPI bearing No 532088. Please visit for more details.

Q: How many Branches does Bank Asia have in Bangladesh?  

Ans: Bank Asia has more than hundred branches & SMEs all over Bangladesh. Moreover, Bank Asia is able to reach remittance every corner in Bangladesh through our Agent Banking outlets as well as through our arrangement with BURO.

Q: How can I send money online? 

Ans: If you are a registered customer of us, please call us to activate your account. You need to have a valid e-mail address to log in to your account. Simply log in with your e-mail address and follow the simple steps.

Q: How can I get registered online as a new customer? 

Ans: Simply follow the easy steps online and we will get back to you afterward.

Q: How secured the Online service is? 

Ans: We have the following security features on our ORM
- SSL Certificate on the web browser,
- Two factor authentication/google authenticator 
- Captcha 
- Email verification at registration
- Email confirmation during transaction creation
- Encrypted payment gateway
- PCI/DSS compliant

Q: How long will it take to credit my remittance to my account with Bank Asia? 

Ans: Within 1 working day.

Q: How long will it take to send money to account with other Banks? 

Ans: Normally it takes only 2-3 working days to credit to other banks except the rural branches of Rupali Bank and Krishi Bank that may take 4-5 working days.

Q: Can I open account with Bank Asia through B A Exchange?  

Ans: Yes, Our friendly staff will help you throughout the process.

Q: How secure is my data given to you?

Ans: We are registered with ICO bearing no Z2641964 for Data protection therefore your personal information is handled/stored safely and securely.